Job Well Done, Tay

Naughty,  joyful, playful, intelligent, well groomed, and one of the best. Those were the adjectives people used to describe Tatay on his Necrology service last Friday.

August 2,  2016, my father came back home to heaven. It’s a very peaceful departure as others say because he just slept and didn’t wake up. For people who read this for the first time,  tatay battled kidney disease.  His diabetes caused complications to his kidneys destroying them to the point that he needed dialysis to “live longer”. He underwent hemodialysis for more than 2 years.  Dialysis is a process in which a machine cleans the blood of the patient, preventing him/her from dying from blood poisoning.  Those sessions extended the life of tatay for 2 years and we are happy about it.  (Though, there are stories where a dialysis patient can live up to 15 years or more.) It depends on the dialysis center (maybe),  but we are still happy that it extended the life of tatay with us.

It’s a Battle Won

They said that when you’re on dialysis,  your time here on earth is already counted. Maybe that’s what Tatay meant when he told me that his time is already up. His life here on earth is up, but he started to realize that it was just only the beginning.  He learned to pray everyday. Morning and evening without fail.  He started to hear mass when he still can. We are catholics and we are happy when he started to go to confessions.  To make this short, he truly prepared for his earthly departure and looked forward to his spiritual well being. Truly, it’s a battle won.

The Gravity That Pulls Us Together –  LOVE

Kuya Boyet,  Ate Maylene and Ate Ising, my cousins, were the first ones to help prepare tatay’s wake. As soon as the news broke,  tatay’s colleagues were the first to extend their condolences. Even my friends from manila traveled here to Bataan and back to extend their sympathies at around 2:00am. Even my friends and Co workers from the Global Mission Center joined the funeral ceremony.

Teachers and principals from Bataan gathered for tatay’s necrology service. Even the provincial superintendent was there (only a selected few are being graced by his presence). The whole elementary school in our town declared half day classes to give way for tatay’s funeral. All in all,  we are moved by the mass of people who loved and supported tatay. Our family is grateful and Thankful to all of you.

His Dying Wish

One moment that I remember was when he told me to0 do everything I can to avoid dialysis.  That is his wish and I will do everything I can to avoid it.  It’s my scheduled check up last week, but because of the wake,  we have moved it this week.  I will post an update about it as soon as possible.

Pray for the soul of tatay,  Estacio Oliveria.  Please also pray for my family, especially for my health and my fight 🙂

If you want to help us out to raise funds for my kidney transplant, click the donate button below. You can donate as low as $1!

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Thank you so much!


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