Crossroads Ahead

October 4, 2016. Quezon City, Metro Manila. It has been a month since I wrote my updates. For the past few weeks, I’ved been busy coming and going to NKTI for lab tests. CMV Igc, HBsAg, HCV TEST/Anti-HCV, PRA CLASS I, CLASS II & MICA ANTIBODY SCREENING, HACT REFERRAL, SYPHILIS TESTING to name some. Anyway, for people who are following me for updates, here’s what happened for the last month up to now.

September 1, 2016: Needles and X-rays

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NKTI Department of Laboratory Medicine

It was a Thursday morning when Roy arrived in NKTI. He arrived at around 7:00am and he’s very early  as always. I told him the night before, to leave Bataan at 6 or 7am since we will just have tests, but we are creatures of habit. He departed the usual time. I was an hour late and arrived at 8. Traffic is getting worse every time. We met and greeted each other and went to the canteen for breakfast. After eating, we went to the laboratory to get our blood extracted.

Inside the laboratory, we got our numbers, sat and waited. It was a very noisy place, but the noise was tolerable, though. The constant “ding” of the queue machine echoed throughout the room every second following the sound of Ate nurse shouting the number for extraction. We settled in and the noise faded away.

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Roy looks at the big needle 🙂

After the laboratory, we headed to the X-ray section. After the X-ray, we headed back home.

September 2, 2016: The Pre-Transplant Orientation

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Me and Roy at the NKTI Pre-transplant Orientation

Everyone who will undergo a kidney transplant must attend this orientation together with their concerned family member and their donor. Everything about your transplantation will be discussed here. There are doctors, dieticians, donors, transplant patients, pharmacists, and fellows who will give a series of talks on the said topic. There you can ask any questions regarding transplant and they will gladly answer it all. The pre-transplant orientation is happening every Friday, 8am to 12NN.

After the orientation, Roy went back to Bataan.

September 6, 2016: Results

I went alone to NKTI to get the result and have it checked by my doctor. To cut the long story short, all were good except for one. My result in the CMV Igc is negative.

What is CMV or Cytomegalovirus? Know more about it here.

What’s the problem if I’m negative?  1. Almost all of Filipinos have CMV. Only rare individuals are CMV negative. 2. My donor should also be negative in CMV in order for me to avail the Philhealth Z package.

Check the Philhealth Z package qualifications here.

We have to test Roy if he is also negative in CMV.

September 20, 2016: CMV tested

Roy came back in NKTI Thursday morning. We headed for the laboratory. It was just fast. We ate lunch and he went back home.

Displaying 20160920_084509.jpg

Displaying 20160920_084531.jpg
Me and Roy at the NKTI Laboratory once again.

October 1, 2016: Results are Up!

It was Saturday. Me and my wife went to NKTI to get Roy’s CMV test result.

October 4, 2016: The News

I went to my doctor today and to cut the story short, Roy is positive in CMV. If we continue, it is impossible for us to avail the Z package. It would be a very big blow on my part.

What are my options?

My doctor and I talked about my options and told me that if we continue, we really have to prepare 1.6 million Philippine Pesos for the operation only. After transplant, the prophylaxis that will be given to me would cost around one thousand pesos per day. That’s for me not to get infected by CMV from the kidney. Another option is to endorse me to charity.

I told him what if I found someone who would want to donate and negative in CMV. He said to pray harder and don’t let miracle out of the stage. Just pray and decide on what road to choose on the crossroads up ahead.

Again, we need your help. As of now, we are able to raise almost 20% of our target amount for my transplant fund. We still need your help and donations. If you want to help us out to raise funds for my kidney transplant, click the donate button below. You can donate as low as $1! Thank you so much and God bless!

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