Looking Ahead for a Brighter Future

November 10, 2016. Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

It’s been 2 months now since my last update.  Yesterday, we had an Annual Phyical Examination at the CFC Global Mission Center where I work. I am anxious about the results, especially how high my creatinine level is. As you know we (me and my doctor) are monitoring my creatinine so that he would know whether I need a fistula or not “yet.” My recent result was 400+ and I hope and pray that miraculously, it would go down or stay as is. Please pray for me.

First time here? Read my story.

So what happened last Ocotber?

Since I am allergic to the change of weather, my allergic rhinitis kicked in mid October. It started with a simple cold and developed to asthma. It was a very challenging week since I didn’t get a good sleep. Thankfully it got better the last week of the same month. 

November 1, 2016

This year’s All Saints day (November 1) was very memorable to me since it was the first time I went to the cemetery to see the remains of my recently deceased father. It has been a tradition here in the Philippines to go to the cemetery every All Saints day to light a candle and pray for the souls of our dearly beloved. Me and my wife pondered on the shortness of life, how time flies, and the life after death.   It was really an enlightening conversation.

Read what happened to my father (Tatay)

The fight ahead

I will clarify the issues about my donor. First, the pre-matching blood tests concluded that I am negative at Cytomegalovirus (CMV). So what are the implications?

  1. My donor must be negative in CMV too in order to avail the PhilHealth’s Z package. The Z-package will give me 600,000PHP for the transplant. Unfortunately, my donor is positive, but still we can continue the transplant without the discount. Learn more about PhilHealth Z-package here.
  2. If we continue the transplant, it would be inevitable for me to get infected with CMV causing pneumonia, etc.

Secondly, since my donor is “living and non-related” (meaning we are not 1st degree related), an affidavit must be signed by a witness stating that he is donating freely without payment or anything in accordance with Administrative Order 2010-0018.

The problem is he can’t find any witness to sign the affidavit. His witness must be a close family member.

What are my options?

Two days ago, I had a one to one talk with our Ninang Bernie Cuevas with regards to my doctor’s advice. It was a short but fruitful conversation. She also knew Chad, my doctor, and she believes that Chad’s suggestion was a very personal yet professional advice. Since Chad is a family friend, he would not suggest anything that would harm me. Chad is suggesting for me to go to charity. Ninang Bernie  told me to weigh the pros and cons of the situation and all led to pros. Me and my wife are discerning now, so please pray with us.

Help us to raise funds.

As of now, we had an ample amount, but still, we need more. The first release of my IamDEO shirts was a success and one of the country’s emerging apparel companies, Psalm of David Apparel, tied up and help me produce some of the 1st batch of shirts. Friends also helped out like Nert Bernardo and Rose Agrado. I am now in the process of designing new shirts so please support IamDEO tees! Check out our Facebook page for updates.

We will also have a movie screening on December 18, 2016, Sunday at SM Megamall. Let’s all together watch Rouge One, A Star Wars Story. Check out our Facebook page for updates.

Thank you so much for reading. Click here to know the details on how to help. May God bless you.




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