Here Comes the Reinforcement!

Febuary 7, 2017, 1:51 AM! A new member of my family was born! Her name is Maria Deiynne Kairos C. Oliveria. (I know it’s lengthy, but that’s what we have discerned) It means given by God in His perfect time with Mary. She weighed 3.95 kgs., and born in way of C section, because she’s a big baby girl. We would like to thank Dra. Maellen Joye Saldua, my wife’s OB Gynecologist. She took good care of Karrynne and really did a great “cut” since she is a “kikay” as she always says. After birth, Dra. Ma. Donna Bernal, Deiynne’s Pediatrician,  took over.  She also gave the best care for Deiynne.

The First Fight

Hours later, after birth, Dra Donna discovered that Deiynne’s blood sugar was below normal. We needed to buy milk (Karrynne was still unconscious and could not produce any milk) outside to stabilize Deiynne’s blood sugar. Since we didn’t bring our car, I walked 1.4 kms from Baypointe Hospital and Medical Center to the Pharmacy, since there was no means of public transport outside and it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. To cut the story short, we got the milk, gave it to Deiynne and thank God, her blood sugar stabilized.

Another thing that worried Dra Bernal was my blood compatibility with Karrynne. I am type B and she’s type O. She said that there’s an incompatibility in our blood that can make Deiynne’s skin turn yellow since Deiynne got my blood type. It’s Jaundice. (I really forgot the details here. Correct me if I’m wrong) Read more about Jaundice here. Anyway, Deiynne is a very healthy girl and she didn’t get the Jaundice. Dra. Donna suggested us to sun bathe Deiynne every morning to keep it that way.

The Miracle!

From my previous posts, I called my daughter a miracle. Why? Because she really is!

Since my creatinine is above normal, it tends to poison my sperm so, medically and technically, there’s a high chance of me being infertile.  With this condition, Karrynne still conceived.  It was an answered prayer. For people who are Catholics, Karrynne asked the help of Saint Joseph and Mother Mary to intercede our prayers. We also prayed to God and it worked! Prayer works friends! It’s not a cliche!

To honor our God for His wonderful gift, Deiynne was baptized Catholic last March 12, 2017.

Her Baptism

Deiynne was baptized at the Saint John the Baptist Parish by Rev Fr. Rene De leon. It was a very solemn ceremony and was participated with other babies  followed by the reception in our house.  I chose my closest friends and relatives to be Deiynne’s godparents namely Nert, Fer, Ace, Onel, Odette, Kuya Noel, Kuya Boyet, Jian, Rhea, Lanie, Vangie, Alma, Iris, and Sarah.

And She Grows Fast!

“Kids develop fast this day.” I always hear it from my friends, but I’m afraid it’s true. Deiynne is just only 3 months old, but it seems like she’s already 6. She already knows us. She’s becoming very talkative and reacting to every word we say.

My Reinforcement! Another Reason to Fight!

If you’re a fresh Dad, you will understand me. My daughter can wipe away all my worries, sadness, tiredness, and fears. She’s like my steroids! Before, I thought that it was just a saying and just an exaggeration but now, I am experiencing it and it’s true! How I wish to see her grow. How I wish to be with her when she enrolls in Elementary, in her prom, in her College, in her graduation, in the Aisle.

Now, my only prayer is to grant me long life to see and experience those things with my daughter. I will do everything that I can to make it possible! Next week, I have an appointment with my Doctor. Please pray for me that all are still well.  I will update you ASAP.

Thank you for reading my story. God Bless you more!

PS: My wife breastfeeds our daughter and it’s another blessing! Praise God!

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