How am I after 6 months on dialysis

It’s 12 am but still I can’t sleep. I can feel my body is sleepy but my mind seems unable to settle down. Many things happened since my last update so allow me to tell you what happened for the past 6 months as I prep for sleep.

I was very fortunate to find my dialysis center – It’s St. Benedict Dialysis Center located at East Avenue, Quezon City. The center is quite new, cozy, bright, and clean (compared to other centers I know). The nurses are friendly and very responsive. Above all, they have flexible packages that fit anyone’s budget.

November when I started my dialysis session. My dry weight is 80 kilos. This means that my target weight every after dialysis session must be 80 kilos. I urinate normally thus I’m not strict on maintaining my 1 liter water intake restriction. My dialysis access was an I J Catheter. It was a device inserted in my neck with a tube down to my heart. It is where the machine was connected.

Deo on dialysis via I J Catheter

After 4 weeks my AV fistula matured and was ready to be used. January when I decided to use it. Taking off my I J Catheter means it is time to go back to work. I was on leave since November.

From January to April

Dialysis has become my routine. I was in session two (2) times a week – Tuesday and Friday. I started with a low-flux dialyzer that costed me PHP 750 per session for 90 sessions. This means that I’m just paying PHP 750 only for 90 sessions because of PhilHealth. After 90 sessions, I will pay the regular price of approximately PHP 5000 per session. Mid March the dialysis center advised me to avail their high-flux package for just PHP 950 with 104 sessions. It appeared to be more practical and it is so I availed it.

Everything was a breeze but it was a different story when the month of May arrived.

What happened last May?

Every morning when I walked from our house to the bus stop going to work, I felt like I’m always catching my breath. I ignored it but it became worse day after day to the point that I couldn’t breathe properly and my phlegm started to had blood.

The morning of May 30, Wednesday, I couldn’t breathe properly anymore. It was a hard time inhaling and I gasped for air desperately. I decided to go to the emergency. I went to NKTI and I was hospitalized. I had a Pneumonia and my lungs were congested with water. I was on dialysis almost every day to get rid of the water in my lungs. I was also given two types of Antibiotics, both oral and though IV.  I was confined for about 10 days and the bills were painstakingly high. As far as I know we payed more than PHP 100,000.

After Hospitalization?

My doctor advised me to make my dialysis session three (3) times a week, just for two (2) weeks, to help my lungs get better. Since I still have trace of Pneumonia, he said that my lungs will still retain water and it’s inevitable. I have to strictly follow my 1 litter per day allowance. We followed his advise and I regained my good health. I dramatically lost weight. My dry weight before was 80 kilos but now I am only 68.5 kilos.

My recent ordeal

Upon checking my monthly laboratory, I was diagnosed with anemia. My hemoglobin and iron are very low. The solution is to give me I V Iron every session. I was advised to have 4 shots of EPO weekly. What Is Erythropoietin (EPO)?

The lab results also showed that my serum phosphorus level was very high.  I have to take Renvela (sevelamer carbonate) to manage it because high phosphorus level is very dangerous- it can kill.  The downside, Renvela is costly.

All in all, the PHP 950 package was upgraded to PHP 1900 per session plus my medicines. Total cost of my dialysis sessions per week is PHP 3800. That’s two times PHP 1900.

The future is still bright

Dialysis is not the end game. Still, kidney transplant is my end goal. Dialysis was just the thing to do to prolong my life while I wait for a kidney donor. We also need to replenish our funds since my hospitalization and dialysis greatly impacted it.

Again I’m asking for your help. I am badly in need of a donor and If you know one, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are also in need of funds for my transplant.  For people who want to know how to help, click here.

Thank you for reading my story.




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