Still Undecided

Nanay, don’t listen to hearsays and gossips. In my  more than 10 years  of practice and experience, kidney transplant is the best and only option for Deo.” Chad, my doctor, told Nanay. “They don’t do transplant everyday compared to us. We do it everyday. Why would you think that the Philippine Government is willing to give PHP 600,000.00? It is because they know that the recipient will again become a productive member of the society and it will not be a waste” he added.

It’s 7:00 am and I already listed my name in the patients queue posted on the doctor’s clinic. I was the 7th on the list. Nanay and Roy were still on the road from Bataan. I decided to get a bottle of water from NKTI’s cafeteria and went to the admission lobby to kill time. The only place with TV and sofa where you can slouch 🙂 They arrived at 9:00 am.

How’s the matching so far?

Last time, Chad ordered Roy to have a blood exam and an abdominal ultrasound. These tests will determine if donating is safe for Roy. He told us that he will stop the matching process as soon as he sees even a smallest hint that donating kidney will harm Roy.

Roy showed the results to Chad and it was all good. The initial tests showed that he is safe to donate. More tests will be done to determine if it’s safe for us to undergo the procedure. Chad requested more tests and he insisted to take it here in NKTI. He also warned us that the succeeding tests would be quite pricey. He handed out the requests and told us to go to the Laboratory and inquire for the prices. It’s the start of the 2nd phase.

What to expect?

The tests Chad requested were all blood extraction tests for me and Roy. That includes creatinine, potassium, complete blood count, and medical abbreviation that I couldn’t understand. CMV Igc, HBsAg, HCV TEST/Anti-HCV, PRA CLASS I, CLASS II & MICA ANTIBODY SCREENING, HACT REFERRAL, SYPHILIS TESTING and many more.

I asked Chad if I need to be admitted for the tests, but he told us that it’s  just a simple blood extraction. Roy and I decided to do the tests on September 1st. If the results are good, we will continue to the next step, the phase 3. However, if not, we will look for another person with a good heart who wants to be a donor. Please pray for us.


NKTI quotations for our laboratory tests. Details are intentionally blocked for  our security

How’s my health now?

My creatinine level is slowly rising. About 3.8 last July to 4.2 this month. The protein in my urine is still high even though I’m taking a medicine to lower it down. My anti uric acid medicine was upgraded from 4mg to 8mg but still, my uric acid level is high. My cholesterol and triglyceride levels are at normal. I was advised to maintain my drugs and continue the diet my renal dietitian gave me.

How’s Nanay?

Nanay still doesn’t want a transplant as an option. With the “horrors” she experienced with Tatay in dialysis, she would not want to go to that option either. But where else to go? We believe in miracles.

As Chad explained, there are only 3 options for me. 1st is a transplant, 2nd is dialysis, and 3rd is a miracle.  Since he’s a Catholic, he said to Nanay that he is not trashing the idea of miracles. He believed in it, but still, as he said it, we need to prepare. “We believe in miracles and I know it’s true, but for now we need to prepare” he added. Second is dialysis. We are preventing dialysis because it causes a number of complications, but I’m not saying that I will not go through it. If I badly need one, I have no choice but to do it.  Finally, the transplant.

Still Undecided

“I’m still not convinced on transplant” Nanay told Chad. “I heard a lot of negative stories about transplant patients and they take a handful of maintenance drugs” Nanay added.

“First, you must be convinced that a kidney transplant is the best option for Deo. Don’t listen to gossip and hearsays. In my more than 10 years of practice and experience, we are doing it every day, and they don’t.” Chad replied.

“But how about Deo’s Aunt with more than 400 creatinine? They didn’t require her to do the transplant?” Nanay fired back.

“Nanay, actually, we do the transplant with as low as 300 in creatinine level. As much as I would like to prevent Deo from transplant or dialysis, his biopsy tells us otherwise. We need to go for the transplant.” Chad replied with respect.

Nanay ended the “debate” with a cry of sadness and frustration, “Where will we get 2M PHP? Where will we get the money for Deo’s maintenance?”

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Job Well Done, Tay

Naughty,  joyful, playful, intelligent, well groomed, and one of the best. Those were the adjectives people used to describe Tatay on his Necrology service last Friday.

August 2,  2016, my father came back home to heaven. It’s a very peaceful departure as others say because he just slept and didn’t wake up. For people who read this for the first time,  tatay battled kidney disease.  His diabetes caused complications to his kidneys destroying them to the point that he needed dialysis to “live longer”. He underwent hemodialysis for more than 2 years.  Dialysis is a process in which a machine cleans the blood of the patient, preventing him/her from dying from blood poisoning.  Those sessions extended the life of tatay for 2 years and we are happy about it.  (Though, there are stories where a dialysis patient can live up to 15 years or more.) It depends on the dialysis center (maybe),  but we are still happy that it extended the life of tatay with us.

It’s a Battle Won

They said that when you’re on dialysis,  your time here on earth is already counted. Maybe that’s what Tatay meant when he told me that his time is already up. His life here on earth is up, but he started to realize that it was just only the beginning.  He learned to pray everyday. Morning and evening without fail.  He started to hear mass when he still can. We are catholics and we are happy when he started to go to confessions.  To make this short, he truly prepared for his earthly departure and looked forward to his spiritual well being. Truly, it’s a battle won.

The Gravity That Pulls Us Together –  LOVE

Kuya Boyet,  Ate Maylene and Ate Ising, my cousins, were the first ones to help prepare tatay’s wake. As soon as the news broke,  tatay’s colleagues were the first to extend their condolences. Even my friends from manila traveled here to Bataan and back to extend their sympathies at around 2:00am. Even my friends and Co workers from the Global Mission Center joined the funeral ceremony.

Teachers and principals from Bataan gathered for tatay’s necrology service. Even the provincial superintendent was there (only a selected few are being graced by his presence). The whole elementary school in our town declared half day classes to give way for tatay’s funeral. All in all,  we are moved by the mass of people who loved and supported tatay. Our family is grateful and Thankful to all of you.

His Dying Wish

One moment that I remember was when he told me to0 do everything I can to avoid dialysis.  That is his wish and I will do everything I can to avoid it.  It’s my scheduled check up last week, but because of the wake,  we have moved it this week.  I will post an update about it as soon as possible.

Pray for the soul of tatay,  Estacio Oliveria.  Please also pray for my family, especially for my health and my fight 🙂

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“Why Do You Fight, Deo?”

Last week, my good friend, Khong, messaged me on Facebook and asked, “What are your plans now? What will you do? What are the options? Whom do you fight this battle for?” His last question retained in my mind. To whom do I really fight this battle for? There were so many reasons that I have mentioned, and here are some parts of it:

“What are your options, Deo?”

My doctor said that as of now, there are only two options, go for dialysis or opt for a kidney transplant. We decided to go for the latter. Why? First of all, because of a better quality of life it promises. In dialysis, I would be hooked to a machine that cleanse my blood for 4 hours, 3 times a week. Secondly, I’m still young and there are plenty of things I still want to do. Third, it’s my parents wish not to undergo dialysis. And lastly, my doctor suggests that it is better to have it than to choose the other one.
So what is my decision? I must go for a kidney transplant.

“So this fight is for whom, Deo?”

First of all, I am fighting for my wife and my marriage. 

about us
Me and my wife

I just got married to a beautiful woman in December of last year. Our marriage is very young. We have a lot of dreams and we are looking at a bright future ahead of us. I know that there’s no reason for me to surrender.  I believe that with the help of God, those dreams that we dreamt and planned together, will become a reality. I also believe that this is just a hard start and good things will follow. With the help of God, we can surpass everything.

My wife is a very strong woman. When I first knew about my disease, she’s the only one that comforted me. She stayed strong. She acted as my foundation as I slowly build mine. With that, I honor her a lot and she’s one of the reasons why I fight this battle.

I fight for Nanay

Nanay is a very tough woman. My aunts always tell me that she is the strongest of them all. However, being a wife and a mother, I know that somehow, giving her heartache, such as this, could definitely tear her apart. Tatay has been already in this situation, so why am I to join.

blog 0000001
Nanay and me

I can see the hardships of Nanay as she takes care of Tatay. As I shared before, Tatay is on dialysis treatment. I just can’t imagine what she could feel if I would be plugged into a hemodialysis machine, too. I don’t want to give her another set of burden, even though I know the fact, that in case it would happen, she will remain strong, and won’t show any pain to us. I cannot forgive myself if something bad happens to her, and that is why Nanay, is one of the reasons why I fight this battle.

I fight for Tatay

Tatay is diabetic and that’s the reason why his kidneys failed. As I’ve said earlier, he is undergoing dialysis treatment. Right now, he is doing the procedure three times a week. Three months ago, he just had two sessions a week, but his edema (water retention) got worse. Seeing his fight, it discourages me to go the same path he’s in right now. His skin color has changed. He is bloated. He easily gets tired. He even went cardiac arrest many times when in session.

blog 0000002
Tatay and me

I know that it’s hard for him and I know that it would hurt him to see me suffering, too. That is why, this fight is for Tatay, too.

I fight for my friends.
The support I get from my friends are phenomenal. The moment they knew about my disease, they offered help as soon as possible. They even mobilize themselves to help me do fundraisers. They are one of the reasons I fight this battle.

I fight for my service.
I was in the community of Couples for Christ since I was in High School. I started as a CFC Youth for Christ and now, I’m a full time missionary worker of CFC Global Mission Foundation.  I believe that God did not give me this disease if I can’t win over it. I want to serve more. I want to fight serving the Lord. If I go down, I will go down while serving Him. This fight is also for service.

Help me fight this battle, friends. I wish that at the end, it is us that wins. Help me to make my hope, our fight. 


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“So What Really Happened, Deo?”

Since college, I have an uncontrolled high blood pressure. It was asymptomatic, meaning I didn’t feel anything wrong. I didn’t feel the signs that my blood pressure was high so I didn’t do anything about it. My doctor said that my high cholesterol and uric acid levels are responsible for the hypertension. I was given a strict diet, medications and I started to get my blood tested every month.

2012 when my creatinine levels started to go above normal. Sometimes, it would go down to “borderline-normal” then it would go up again. My Nanay and I decided to go to a nephrologist months after the test. My first nephrologist was Dr. Guerrero. He said that I really need to undergo a kidney biopsy procedure. With some air of shock, we decided to look for another doctor. Luckily, our medical pathologist, Dr. Pineda, pointed us to her mother’s nephro, Dr. Chua Garcia from St. Lukes Medical Hospital. Without hesitation, we went to see her for a second opinion.

A kidney biopsy is inevitable. Dr. Chua Garcia said that the procedure is really important so there was no choice but to say yes. I stayed at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) for 3 days for the biopsy procedure. The result was alarming. I have glumerulonephritis and minimal change disease. It also showed that 30% of my kidneys were sclerosed (scarred) meaning, only 70% is functioning. She told us that kidney failure was inevitable. She will just help to delay it maybe 5 to 10 years. She gave me maintenance drugs for my hypertension, cholesterol, and uric acid. She told us that my high blood pressure was the one responsible for my kidney disease.

I did not take it seriously. I changed my diet a bit, but pork and meat were very tempting. Think of fried liempo with a sour soup dipped in soy sauce with chili. That was really tough. But the good news was I stopped drinking alcohol, and quit smoking. I also stayed away from beef and red meat. But it’s not enough. My blood pressure was still uncontrolled.

By mid 2014, Tatay started to go to hemodialysis. It was a big blow in our family. All of my father’s retirement funds were allotted on his dialysis. Nanay started to get thin. My friends at work heard about it and they introduced me to a nephrologist in NKTI. He is Dr. Richard Hizon. The fact that tatay was in Bataan and it would be hard for him to see Dr Hizon, they decided to stay there. They also told me to see and have a checkup with Dr Hizon instead of tatay.

I showed Dr Hizon my 2012 biopsy and he has taken care of me since then. Last March he advised us to go for another kidney biopsy procedure. The result was devastating. My kidneys are 92% scarred. Only 8% are working. It was like my whole world came tumbling down. I honor my wife, Karrynne, because she remained calm. She made all the effort to put me back again on my feet.

Right now I have two options. First, is to have hemodialysis and the last one is to undergo a transplant procedure. We all decided to go for the transplant.

Dr Hizon explained that I have Glomerulonephritis since I was young. It was the cause of my high blood pressure and unexplained high uric acid levels. There’s no one to blame but my kidneys.

If you know someone who always have a UTI, please consult a doctor ASAP. It may be a glumerulonephritis.

Right now we are searching for a kidney donor. If you know someone who is willing to give his one kidney to save my life, please refer them to me ASAP.
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